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About Us

OUR LOGO           

It is in Green and White showing Nigeria’s National colours; the green representing Nigeria's agriculture industry and its lush vegetation while the white represents the desire for peace and unity within the country. The youths seen are rejoicing depicts a beautiful renewal of our nation in the good health and prosperity. A bright dawn, a new beginning.

OUR VISION                           

To create a Nigerian society in which every Nigerian, young or old, works towards peacebuilding, all aspects of human rights  protection, promotion of gender equality and health development of the youth, women and children.


Our mission is to work diligently, hand in hand with all stakeholders; Parents, Teachers, Students, Policy makers, Community Leaders, Professionals, other Youths Organizations etc. To empower the youth, women and children as it concerns all aspects of our vision.

THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                  

We have been duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (2008) and we would like to state that we have a formidable Board of Trustees, made up of men and women of great accomplishments and character, from the point of view of their individual attainments and professional commitment to social advocacy, integrity and thoroughness.