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The target groups for Advocates for Youth and Health Development (AYHD) programmes are students, youth, women and key populations between the ages of 18 - 35 years, particularly, members of the National Youth Service Corps NYSC. 


All who accept the goal of Advocates for Youth and Health Development shall participate in our programmes either as an exchange i.e. one who goes on an exchange programme, or host family, one who receives an exchange and offers a host situation or a co-worker, one who helps to develop our goals and commitments. Please contact us on:

Voluntary service placements offered by Advocates for Youth and Health Development include social work projects dealing with women, children and young people at risk, with the disabled, key populations, rural and health development projects, human rights, gender issues, peacebuilding, women's groups and political enlightenment projects. We look forward to welcoming volunteers from every part of the world. AYHD can offer you the beautiful experience you have always wanted!


Advocates for Youth and Health Development (AYHD) is a non governmental and charitable organization. Our work to date is supported by in-kind financial donations from our members, organizations and individuals.

Everyone has the power to give.  To make your financial donation to AYHD, please contact us on:, for modalities.