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Our Activities


Training: AYHD conducts capacity building workshops for our beneficiaries and interested individuals and groups. We organise training on a range of topics including advocacy, conflict resolution, mitigation and transformation, human rights including sexual and reproductive health and rights, community health etc.

Advocacy: through the efforts of our staff made up youths with diverse educational backgrounds and significant expertise in our focus areas; we actively engage in human rights, peacebuilding and health advocacy targeting policy and law makers at national and sub-national levels. We have volunteers spread across the 36 states of Nigeria who help in the step down of our works by engaging with local government and community leaders.

Skills Development: We organise Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteerism Skills training in order to enable our beneficiaries gain the skills they need to obtain employment or create new employment opportunities. Importantly, we encourage the participation of women, girls and key populations in our programs. 

Participation in Local and International Programs: In order to be updated with latest strategies in our thematic areas, our staff and volunteers often take active part in local and international programs and workshops that relate to our areas of focus.

Healthcare Services: we render health care services to our vulnerable women, children and young people, particularly on testing/diagnosis, drug/contraceptive distribution and counseling. 

Sensitization Campaigns: We organise from time to time sensitization campaigns in order to enlighten our target group on issues that relate to our thematic areas.